On Sale this Month

Listed below are plants that have been selected by SCBG Nursery Staff to be sold as the Plants of the Month. These items are available in limited quantities so order quickly!

Click here to view the Fall 2014 Plant Sale Catalog
To place an order: Send an email to SCBGnursery@clemson.edu or call either (864)-656-2458 for Garden Operations or (864)-656-3405 for the Fran Hanson Discovery Center. Emails can be received at anytime and phone calls can be received between 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Be sure to indicate the following information:
  • Which plants you would like to purchase
  • How many of each plant you would like to purchase
  • The time and date in which you will be available to pick up your purchase
The order will be received by a member of the staff and the plants will be collected and delivered to The Discovery Center for pickup.  Payments can be made with cash, check, or credit card upon pickup. Friends of the Garden will receive a 10% discount. For information on joining, please visit http://www.clemson.edu/public/scbg/support/friends.html

Visits to the nursery are welcome upon request. Appointments can be made by emailing us. Thank you for your support!

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Plants On Sale In July/August:

These plants will be offered for sale through the months of July and August. We have a lovely selection of color during the hottest parts of the summer.

Small Trees/Shrubs:


Crepemyrtle     Lagerstroemia indica     $16

We have a variety of cultivars available including: 'Catawba', 'Plum Magic', and X 'Tuscarora'. Each has magnificent flower clusters from dark purple ('Catawba'), fuchsia ('Plum Magic') to coral ('Tuscarora'). These plants have lovely exfoliating bark that provides an aesthetic appeal, even in winter months. 'Catawba' will grow up to 15' tall and 14' wide and is mildew resistant, Zones 7-9. 'Plum Magic' grows 6-10' tall and 5-6' wide and needs to be planted in well-drained soil, Zones 7-10. X 'Tuscarora' can grow up to 16' tall and wide and is a mildew resistant hyrid from the National Arboretum, Zones 6-9. All of these crepemyrtles require full sun and are in 3 gallon pots.


White Fruited Asiatic Beautyberry     Callicarpa dichotoma var. albifructus   $12

A 'graceful and refined' (according to Dirr) beautyberry from China and Korea. Deciduous, white berried and extra cold hardy. Fast grower. Site in a well-drained soil. Prune all beautyberries in spring to half of desierd height and is an excellent pollinator attractant. Needs full sun to part shade and can grow up to 8' tall and 6' wide, Zones 5-8. In 3 gallon pots.



Lantana     Lantana 'Chapel Hill Yellow    $8

A Mike Dirr introduction found as a spontaneous seedling in the Dirr's temporary residence in Chapel Hill, NC. This plant becomes topped with clusters of bright yellow flowers from early June until frost. A woody perrenial that is deer resistant and a hummingbird magnet. Also, a cold hardy selection (tolerates to 0F).  It was derived from 'Miss Huff' and 'New Gold' lantanas. It grows 16" tall and 2-3' wide and is a prolific bloomer. Requires full sun, Zone 7. In 1 gallon pots.


Mealycup Sage     Salvia fariancea 'Cathedral' Series     $7

An intermediate size plant with showy spikes of small colorful flowers that attract butterflies and bees. A tender perennial which needs to be cared for during the winter months. Full sun to part shade and regular watering will ensure a steady production of flowers. Grows 12-18" tall and 12-16" wide, Zones 8-11. In 1 gallon pots.


Hyssop    Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee'    $7

Eye-catching chartreuse foliage, a heavily mint scent and big purple spikes from summer into fall! Hot weather intensifies the scent. Nice for cutting and irresistible to butterflies, bees, and birds. This tough plant performs well even in high heat and humidity. Well-drained soils. Excellent for containers and borders. Requires full sun to part shade and grows 2-3' tall and 1-2' wide, Zones 5-9. In 1 gallon pots.


Blanket Flower     Gaillardia X grandiflora     $7

We have a MesaTM Yellow and MesaTM Bright Bicolor. These plants have prolific blooms that are brilliantly colored. They have daisy-like flowers (3") through the summer and are perfect for cut flower bouquets. MesaTM Yellow is drought tolerant, neat, mounding plants and have sturdy stems and recover nicely from adverse conditions such as wind and rain. It was also the winner of the Fleuroselect Gold Medal and the 2010 All-American Selections Award. MesaTM Bright Bicolor has bright yellow, non-fading blooms with a copper red center and halo that is held on sturdy, upright, well-branched plants. It also features a uniform, compact habit and shows well in landscapes and mixed containers. Both of these specimens flower from late spring through summer and are excellent for borders and a butterlfy attractant and deer resistant. They need to be in full sun, well-drained soils and can grow 16-18" tall and 20-22" wide, Zones 5-9. In 1 gallon pots.


Boltonia; False Aster     Boltonia asteroides 'Pink Beauty'     $14

A tall, rhizomatous clumping perennial producing hundreds of soft pink daisies above fine-textured silver-blue foliage in late summer. Will tolerate periods of drought, but prefers average to moist soil and will withstand periodic wet feet. Cut back in early to mid-summer to achieve a less lanky habit. Tolerates clay soil. Requires full sun and can grow 4-5' tall and wide. This plant attracts butterflies and does well in Zones 4-9. In 2 gallon pots.


Coneflower    Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit'     $8

A hybrid offering an array of vibrant floral colors (orange, scarlet, rosey-red, purple, cream, tomato-red and golden yellow). Plant in a well-drained soil in full sun. Reaches about 24" tall and wide. Drought tolerant after establishment. Bounces back from wind and rain. Also, this plant does not require deadheading. Zones 4-8 and in 1 gallon pots. 


Foxglove Dalmation Series     Digitalis purpurea      $6

We have 'Dalmation Purple' and 'Dalmation Rose'. The 'Dalmation collection' produces well branched, compact, dwarf plants that flower surprisingly quickly in their first year from sowing. The upright flower spikes are ideal for adding height to the back of borders or mass planting for an enchanting, informal bedding scheme. Will grow up to 20" tall and 16" wide. Short lived perennials that self-seed readily. Attracts hummingbirds and are deer resistant. Full sun to part shade. This specimen likes to have well-drained soils, Zones 4-9. In 1 gallon pots.



Creeping Fig      Ficus pumila      $6

A vigorous, fast-growing, evergreen, climbing vine ideal for covering brick and stone walls. Provide a protected location in our area. On climbing stems, juvenile foliage consists of ovate, heart-shaped leaves to 1" long. On fruit-bearing stems, mature foliage is oblong to alliptic, thicker, shinier and larger (up to 4"long). Requires part shade and can grow up to 15' tall (vine length) and 3-4' wide, Zones 8-11. Deer resistant and in 3/4 gallon pots.



Big Bluestem    Andropogon gerardii 'Suther'     $8

This ornamental grass provides winter interest and fits nicely into the garden as a screen, border or accent. It has a blue-silver, green foliage with purple-ish red flowers. Its extensive roots make it a good choice for erosion control. Grows 4-6' tall and in Zones 4-9. In 1 gallon pots.