Earthen Bridge

Sculpture: Earthen Bridge

Earthen Bridge

Artist: Brian RustBrian Rust

Brian Rust is a Professor of Art at Augusta State University in Augusta, GA. His work ranges from drawings and collages, to wood sculpture, to outdoor installations.

Artist's Statement

Brian Rust, 1996

"Earthen Bridge was conceived both as functional object and sculptural metaphor. I was inspired by the Botanical Garden with its contrast between formal and natural areas. I was immediately interested in creating an architectural ruin with references to both the built and natural worlds. I have used the technique of rammed earth in past sculptural works and felt it would be the perfect material to create a structure with a sense of age but also one with its roots deeply planted in this particular place.

"I also was interested in working adjacent to one of the ponds. I always have liked water with its ever-changing surfaces and boundaries. All of these elements came together with the simple desire to build a bridge. The resulting structure, Earthen Bridge, serves as both focal point and passageway. Visitors to the Garden will first glimpse it from across the pond and will pass over it on their tour of the trails if their curiosity draws them to it. It is, like all of my artworks, created for the curious at heart.

"Earthen Bridge was formed of a wooden structure covered with red clay, cement, and granite. It was constructed with the help and insights of the staff of the South Carolina Botanical Garden and Clemson University art, architecture, and landscape architecture students. This project was constructed with simple materials and a lot of physical labor. It was in the best sense a group effort, and I must acknowledge and thank all those who helped in the completion of Earthen Bridge."

Installation: 1996

Earthen Bridge being builtBrian Rust building Earthen Bridge

Current Appearance

Earthen Bridge was refurbished by Brian Rust in 2006.  Click this link for information on Earthen Bridge Reconstructed.