Sculpture: Crucible


Artist: Herb ParkerHerb Parker

Herb Parker, a native of North Carolina, is a Professor of Art at the College of Charleston. He has been a visiting artist at schools throughout the country, and has installed works and exhibited throughout the world.

Artist's Statement

Herb Parker, 1995

"Crucible: a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development. This definition corresponds most closely with the aspirations I have for this work. The architectonic structure composed of steel, cement and earth is a site-specific installation. The site was chosen because of the presence of a natural spring. The compositional elements, dome, spiral and oval were selected to reinforce the nurturing, life-giving properties of water. These elements conspire to create essential ingredients for life, water, light and shelter. This is a living sculpture; it will evolve over time.

On another level, I view this work as a contemplative space. I hope this temple/sanctuary/source will evoke a spiritual awareness of one's environment as well as one's self.

In more general terms my work speaks in a hybrid language from three distinct realms: architecture (experience), sculpture (objectiveness) and landscape (medium). The ideas/issues revolve around time, movements, history, culture, spirituality, entropy and regeneration."

Installation: February 1995

Crucible construction


Current Appearance

Crucible in 2004.  See Crucible: Crucibulum Evolutum for reconstruction in 2004.

Crucible 2004