Crucible: Crucibulum Evolutum

Sculpture: Crucible: Crucibulum Evolutum

Crucibulum Evolutum

Crucible, the first sculpture built in the SC Botanical Garden, is one of the most recognized pieces in the nature-based sculpture collection. It was built over a natural spring, which feeds the stream that runs along side the sculpture. At first installation, the structure was covered with moss, ferns and rocks. As time passed, this natural plant material subsided and a new vision was cast in 2004. This time, the structure was completely covered with rock, a sitting area was added and stairs to the hosta garden above were constructed.

Artist: Herb ParkerHerb Parker

Herb Parker, a native of North Carolina, is a Professor of Art at the College of Charleston. He has been a visiting artist at schools throughout the country, and has installed works and exhibited throughout the world.

Artist's Statement

Herb Parker, 1995

"Crucible: a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development. This definition corresponds most closely with the aspirations I have for this work. The architectonic structure composed of steel, cement and earth is a site-specific installation. The site was chosen because of the presence of a natural spring. The compositional elements, dome, spiral and oval were selected to reinforce the nurturing, life-giving properties of water. These elements conspire to create essential ingredients for life, water, light and shelter. This is a living sculpture; it will evolve over time.

On another level, I view this work as a contemplative space. I hope this temple/sanctuary/source will evoke a spiritual awareness of one's environment as well as one's self.

In more general terms my work speaks in a hybrid language from three distinct realms: architecture (experience), sculpture (objectiveness) and landscape (medium). The ideas/issues revolve around time, movements, history, culture, spirituality, entropy and regeneration."

Installation: 2004

Reconstructing CrucibleParker adding stone to Crucible

Current Appearance

Crucible: Crucibulum Evolutum, 2006

Crucible in 2006