Natural Dialogue

Sculpture: Natural Dialogue

Natural Dialogue Natural Dialogue inside 

Artist: Alfio BonannoAlfio Bonanno

A native of Italy, raised in Australia, now living in Norway, Bonanno is the founder and leader of TICKON (Tranekaer International Center for Art and Nature) in Langeland, Denmark.  A pioneer of site-specific nature installation, his work has been featured throughout the world.

Artist's Statement:

Alfio Bonanno, 1997

"The sense of place is a very important part of my work within a living environment. It is necessary for me to find the "language" which exists on each selected site. Only then can I proceed to open a dialogue, collaborate and feel that I am not intruding by altering the site.

The area I chose for Natural Dialogue is a unique place. A peninsula, shaped by a gentle but determined brook, surrounded by rising embankments that give an opportunity to view the work from the sides, front, sloping back, at eye-level and from above. The movement of the brook adds sound, mirrors it surroundings and is life giving.

The beech trees growing on the very edge of the eroding embankments grow roots that then turn into vital supporting limbs in a last desperate struggle for survival. This is one of Nature's miracles which gives strength to this site. Perhaps that's why I chose to work with the crooked trees instead of straight ones. I say perhaps because I prefer to work intuitively using common sense and experience, not trying to plan, analyze and find explanations for everything or trying to create sculpture or art; but rather to work, cope with situations underway, and share personal experiences through processes and places.

My connection/relationship with the area and its materials is intense and personal. The dialogue is of a human nature. This is a key for others who are willing to participate and share this experience.

The wood, the stones and the living wild muscadine grape are indigenous elements which I've rearranged into this space. By doing so, I hope a situation is created for experiencing the life-giving processes involving plants, insects, reptiles, birds, mammals and other guests. Each element on site will interplay and age with the changing seasons, become shelter, a food chamber, and a meditation space. This work will interact with sun and moon, wind, rain and shadow, and through all these processes we will always be reminded that we are Nature - and that every part of Nature is a part of us."

Installation: 1997

Constructing Natural Dialogue Bonanno assisting in construction


Current Appearance

"Natural Dialogue" in 2006

Natural Dialogue in 2006

Natural Dialogue in 2007 2007

Natural Dialogue in the snow, March 2009
March 2009