The Space In Between

Sculpture: The Space In Between

The Space In Between

Artist: Trudi EntwistleTrudi Entwistle

Commissions have taken Trudi Entwistle to varied locations—from coast, woodland, valley, mountain and city, both nationally and internationally, particularly to the Far East in Japan, Korea and over the Atlantic to the USA. This diversity of environments encourages varied responses to sculptural form, material choice and users.

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Artist's Statement

Trudi Entwistle, 2000
"The crisp orange leaves of autumn lie on the woodland floor, as fresh as they fell. Dry, grey trunks of beech, hickory and oak rise from this carpet of colour and branch out into the blue sky above. A shallow trough shapes the space and descends toward the creek. The skeletal trees of February cast strong shadows across this basin, the lines transverse the hollow highlighting and changing its form as the day progresses. The eye can view into the distant wood - a sense of openness in a vertical landscape.

A series of elliptical clay earth and moss mounds cascade down both slopes of this wooded trough, progressively growing in size as they descend into the bottom. The scale of mounds exaggerates the participant's descent and existing topography of this hollow. The rhythm of the mounds exaggerates the participant's descent and existing topography of this hollow. The rhythm of the mounds suggests a movement of fluidity, bouncing off one another and brushing around tree trunks. The forms and space in between dissolve into the surroundings fully integrating the sculpture and woodland.

The elliptical mound creates an anchor for moss to live. Elevated above the leaves, the forms provide an environment common to its original habitat in the forests. The luminous green moss contrasts with the leaf carpet. From afar this bold statement of simple forms attracts the participant to the place creating a unique order and pattern to meditate upon. Once within, the moss mounds become subsidiary, the perimeter of the base becomes exaggerated and defines the space in between. The place takes over and attention is drawn to the surrounding display of nature. Time will intervene and play its role in the character of the sculpture.

In the duration of a day shadows jump over the mounds highlighting the motion of the sun's path. As the winter moves to spring the leaves on the canopy will diffuse the shadows and create dappled pattern. Autumn will sprinkle the mounds with crisp colorful leaves as the winds race through the trees. The cycle will begin again."

Installation: 2000

The Space In Between 2005

Constructing The Space in Between

The Space In Between 2007

The Space In Between, 2007

Current Condition: December 2013