Clemson University and S.C. Heritage

Natural Heritage Garden trail is closed until spring 2014 due to extensive flood damage in July 2013.

Bell in the Heritage Plaza

The South Carolina Botanical Garden houses several areas dedicated to displaying and honoring the heritage and history of Clemson University and the state of South Carolina. Known collectively as the Heritage Gardens, this area includes:

Class of '39 Caboose Garden

Class of '42 Golden Tigers Cadet Life Garden

Cadet LIfe Garden

Heritage Amphitheater

Harry Avinger Trellised Walkway

Arbor walkways in Heritage Garden

Founders' Garden (in development with the Class of '39)

Presidents' Garden (in development with the Class of '62)

For information on these garden areas or if you'd like to make a donation, contact:
Amy Craft
Director of Class Gifts and Projects
Clemson Fund
(864) 656-1240