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South Carolina Department of Agriculture
South Carolina Forestry Commission

What Our Partners are Saying About SC LEADS

“Agribusiness, the combined industries of agriculture and forestry, along with the natural resources of South Carolina make up the economic backbone of this great state. I commend the partners who have come together to create the SC LEADS program, which recgonizes the need to develop strong, capable leaders for the future challenges facing our industries and state.”

Honerable Hugh Weather
Commissioner, SC Dept. of Agriculture

"The South Carolina Forestry Commission and I, personally, are pleased to be supporting the SC LEADS program.  We also look forward to working with SC Department of Agriculture and Commissioner Hugh Weathers in this important endeavor.  With Forestry and Agriculture being the largest industries in the state, we must not only manage and protect the land-based resources we have but also plan and develop its potential into the future.  These industries are not only playing key roles in driving our economy but are simultaneously providing the clean water and air, wildlife, and recreation that make South Carolina so attractive to other industries and future economic development opportunities by providing a wonderful quality of life.   LEADS will help move these industries forward and to higher levels in the future by helping our emerging leaders be more effective and knowledgeable participants in the activities of the state.  LEADS is analogous to planting trees or agricultural crops in the proper manner and nurturing them to improve the resulting harvest.  In this same way, I am confident that LEADS will improve the future for our fine state and the country."

Henry E. (Gene) Kodama
State Forester
South Carolina Forestry Commission

“SC LEADS focuses on prime areas of Clemson University’s Public Service outreach.  With its mission to provide leadership training, business skills, entrepreneurship development, and opportunities to inform citizens in agribusiness fields about new avenues of productivity in the field, SC LEADS is poised to make a huge difference in the lives of agricultural and business leaders in our state.  SC LEADS is partnered with the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, the Forestry Commission, and other organizations working to provide opportunities and training to professionals in the field.  With our changing economy and growing need for diversification in agricultural and natural resources fields, SC LEADS offers a solid, creative program for South Carolina’s agribusiness professionals.”

Dr. John Kelly
Vice President for Public Service and Agriculture
Clemson University