CHE Service Learning Project Competition

Instructions: Please complete the information below to submit your nomination by Friday, 4:30 PM January 22, 2016.


Title of Project:

Director of Project:  

Contact Information of Project Director.


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Establishment Date of Project:

Unit that Administers Project:   

Total Number of Students Involved:   

Signature of Department Chair: ______________________________________________

Please answer the following questions regarding the nominated project.

1.  For purposes of this competition, the Commission on Higher Education defines service learning as college student learning at any level and in any situation that is linked in a direct, hands-on fashion to the resolution of a problem or concern in a target community outside the institution and is related to a college course with some type of reflection activity.  Briefly, how does your project meet the parameters of this definition?

2.  Specifically, which segments of the college/university community does your project involve.


3. How many students (specify degree levels to the extent possible) does the project affect?


4. Describe the target community or communities that your project serves.

5. Describe your project’s effectiveness in helping to solve the problems or concerns in the target community.

6. Describe the degree to which your project enhances student learning while providing examples of the service learning activities the students engage in. Also explain how the service learning activities reinforce or apply what the students learn in the classroom.


7. Is there academic credit associated with the project (not necessary for submission)?  If so, please explain the particulars.

8. If funding is required, how is the project funded and what is the approximate annual budget for the project?

9. Feel free to add any other comments you may have about your project.

You may also include supplemental information about the project (such as brochures, pictures, etc.).

Please return this form via e-mail by 4:30 PM on Friday, January 22, 2016 to:

Kathy Woodard

Service-Learning Education
230 Kappa Street, Room 225
(Strom Thurmond Institute Building)
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634

If you submit this online nomination, please have your department chair e-mail an approval to Kathy Woodard separately.