Community Scholars

As a land-grant university, part of Clemson's mission is to encourage civic responsibility and public service. The Community Scholars program emphasizes civic engagement and community leadership and offers recipients the opportunity to learn about civic and community life and combine public service activities with their Clemson experience. Highlights of this four-year program include:

  • receiving as much as $3,000 per year in scholarship funds (fewer funds received in your first year as program begins in spring semester)
  • performing at least 5-7 hours per week of community service with local community organizations and the development of a collective community service project with other program participants;
  • participating in four (1 credit) seminars over the course of four years on the following topics: the University as Community (freshmen year), American Community Life (sophomore year), the Global Community (junior year), and Community-based Research (senior year);
  • living in Civics and Service House, Clemson's new living and learning community for service-minded students;
  • research, service, and travel opportunities.

To be considered, incoming students should complete the application form and include your resume and two recommendations from either teachers and/or community service professionals you have worked with, and send all materials to: 

Community Scholars Program
230 Kappa Street
Room 225, Strom Thurmond Institute
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0101

Final Community Scholar awards will be offered based on commitment to community service, promise as a future community leader, recommendations, and optional telephone interview. As long as recipients of this award continue to remain in good standing with the university, help maintain a collaborative environment, and meet the program's academic and public service commitments during their four years at Clemson, they will remain a member of the Community Scholars program. The award is contingent upon passing a security check.


Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 by 5PM.

***Applications are currently not being taken.***

You may either download and fill out the forms or submit forms online.  

DOWNLOAD PDF forms here: Currently are not available

  • DOWNLOAD Community Scholars APPLICATION Form (PDF)
  • DOWNLOAD Community Scholars RECOMMENDATION Form (PDF)

LINK to ONLINE forms here: Currently are not available

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kathy Woodard, Program Coordinator 

Dr. Sue Limber, Faculty Director