Clemson Collaborations in Service-Learning Webcast

Spring 2016

“Using Service- Learning to Promote Digital Citizenship and Ethical Computing”

Undergraduate students from colleges across the Clemson campus enroll in Foundations of Digital Media and Learning to explore, evaluate and apply digital media and learning contexts to learning environments. In the course, students investigate the issues related to the complex interaction among technology and society by reading, discussing, exploring and creating with digital media, role play and even participate in a “Maker Day”.  A new focus within the digital media and learning course is an emphasis on extending the learning about digital citizenship, emerging technologies and ethical computing to the local community, so students prepare a Learning Activity (which focuses on teaching content, with the use of appropriate technology) related to the above concepts and teach it to someone in the community. This may be Clemson professors or students, fraternity or sorority members, K-12 students in area schools or afterschool camps, in online communities, adults in the business community, parents or family members. They also use media to present their Learning Activity to classmates using frameworks of STEAM (, Connected Learning ( Computational Thinking or International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards. In this way, students take their learning about the potential for digital media to transform learning across contexts, teach it to a broader community of learners, think critically about it, and discuss it with their peers.

Students begin to view the intersection of public service, outreach, and digital media as a way to improve the conditions for the life of community members through education and civic engagement.

This presentation will briefly preview the learning in the course and discuss how students engaged with various community members as a result of their new knowledge.

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Subject: Service-learning webcast

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Danielle Herro
Danielle Herro


Dani Herro is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Learning in the Eugene T. Moore School of Education. She is currently an Edmund W. Gordon/MacArthur Foundation Fellow for 21st Century Learning and Assessment, and an invited Playful Learning Fellow, helping advance game-based learning in schools. Dani teaches courses on social media, games and emerging technologies, recently developing and teaching, “Theoretical Foundations of Games for Learning”. At Clemson, she co-designed and opened Digital Media and Learning and Gaming Labs in the School of Education. Her current research interests involve investigating stealth assessment in games, the efficacy of teacher professional development towards integrating digital media in STEAM activities, and ways to foster computational thinking practices in adolescents. 


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