How widespread is the use of service-learning in college classrooms?

In its 2012 publication on community engagement Campus Compact reported that 95% of the campuses responding to their survey were involved in some form of community engagement. 

 Of the campuses responding to the Campus Compact  Community Engagement survey in 2012:

  • An average of 44% of students participated in some form of community engagement
  • 7% of faculty teach a service-learning course
  • An average of 66 service-learning courses are offered

  Clemson statistics for service-learning in 2012 were as follows:

Unique service-learning courses offered: 82

Unique service-learning courses represent about 2% of the courses offered.

Faculty reported to teach at least one service-learning course for 2012-2013: 138
Faculty teaching a service-learning course represent about 6% of the total faculty

While the total number of tenure-track faculty reporting that they taught  at least one service-learning course declined in 2012-2013, the number of Associate Professors, Lecturers, and Graduate Assistants teaching at least one service-learning course actually increased slightly over the previous year.

Unique headcount of students participating in a service-learning course: 3284                                                                                              This represents approximately 16% of the total student headcount for 2012