Tide of Change Preview

Here is a short preview from the opening of this one-hour documentary on the environmental impacts of growth in SC.

As a kid, I spent a lot of time, exploring beaches just like this one. In large part, that’s where I developed my love of nature. 30 years later and I’m still drawn to places like this but I can’t help but to notice how things have changed and wonder what beaches like this will be like 30 years from now. Early 70s, maybe 1800 people lived on Hilton Head; now it's about 40,000 in Hilton Head. Mt Pleasant when I entered high school had 7,000 people in it. It currently has about 70,000 people. The latest statistics have shown a 50% increase in permits in the last two years. That translates into houses, roads, shopping centers. With every new person, we have new pollution, we have new cars. It just adds up. Everybody needs to pay attention, y’know. If you think you're immune to it, you really are deceiving yourself. We're not gonna stop it, they're coming, the reason, is the beauty and the natural resources, the environment. If we keep growing we're gonna impact that environment significantly, and then the question that we put out there is, is that what we want to happen?