Cotton Variety Test Data

The cotton variety trial is made up of early and later maturing tests at several locations in the state.  The Blackville  and Florence locations each have a dry-land and irrigated trial. The locations are: Blackville - Southern coastal plain; Florence - Northern coastal plain; Dillon County on farm; Lee County on farm; and Calhoun County on farm. The yield data for the current crop year will be posted in November/December, with the fiber data to follow in January.

There is a summary table included on this page that contains data from the North Carolina and Georgia OVT locations. 

Due to the extremely wet weather in the Fall and Winter of 2015, the dry land and irrigated tests at the Blackville location were not harvested.  The 2014 Data for the Blackville locations are still included on this page. 

OVT Summary Table Compiled by Dr. Michael M. Jones, phD Clemson University

2016 OVT Summary Table

Florence Dry  Land  -  Yield Data

Florence Irrigated  - Yield Data

Dillon County on Farm  - Yield Data

Lee County on Farm  -  Yield Data

Calhoun County on Farm  -  Yield Data

Blackville Dry Land  -  Yield Data

Blackville Irrigated  -  Yield Data

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