Master Pond Manager

The Master Pond Manager (MPM) achievement course is designed to teach participants a wide range of pond management knowledge and skills.  As a "hybrid" course combining online and face-to-face learning, it will incorporate self-paced lectures, discussion, quizzes, and other web-based methods of participant-instructor interaction, along with hands-on participation activities in the field.

The course will include six parts:

  • Recreational Pond Design and Permitting; Maintenance
  • Stormwater Pond Design, Inspection, and Maintenance
  • Limnology
  • Integrated Aquatic Plant Management
  • Stormwater Pond Best Management Practices
  • Fish Management

INTENDED AUDIENCE.  Pond owners and managers, community staff, stormwater managers, landscapers, contractors, property managers, parks staff, planners, and developers.

MPM on iPad


FORMAT.  The course will be offered through Clemson's Center for Watershed Excellence.  The online classroom will feature:

  • Learn from home or work using computer or tablet/iPad
  • Complete coursework on your schedule and at your pace
  • Earn certification and professional development hours
  • Learn from local experts with material specific to South Carolina’s conditions, soils, regulations, experiences and practices

COURSE STRUCTURE.  Course curriculum will be a two-track, simultaneous program.  Participants can choose to complete the full, six-week e-learning, field curriculum, and exam to obtain the marketable Master Pond Manager recognition. To obtain the recognition, a participant will demonstrate increased content knowledge in both recreational and stormwater pond management areas.  Alternatively, participants can complete an abbreviated four-week e-learning and field curriculum to gain a “Certificate of Completion” in recreational pond or stormwater pond management.  This abbreviated course option is designed to allow private pond owners, such as a homeowner association member, the opportunity to gain content knowledge in one of the pond management areas without the rigor of the full achievement program.  

Course Contact
The course team is composed of Clemson faculty and Extension staff with related expertise. The program development team leader for this course is:
C. Guinn Garrett
Water Resources Agent
Clemson Extension / Carolina Clear
843.722.5940 x125

Technical Contact
Michael P. Griffin
Course Coordinator
Center for Watershed Excellence

The initial offering for this course is expected in Spring 2015, with the first course having a field component in the Charleston area.  Check back here for updates as the development continues.