Creating a redirect (index.php)

There may be a time where it is useful/necessary for you to create a redirect. The most prevalent use would be when creating subfolders of images and other supporting files. These folders should have an "index" page in them to (2) protect your content as well and (2) provide a clean/fluid web experience for your site visitors.

You will not use a common page asset to create this. Please follow these directions:

screenshot of editing an asset1. Navigate to the upper-most folder in Cascade. This would be the "cafls", "public", or "extension" folder; based on where your content is housed.

2. One of the first few subfolders has the system name "_samples". Click on this folder and select the file called "index.php"

3. Choose the "Copy" tab

4. Keep the same System Name ("index.php")

5. Change the Parent Folder to reflect where this copy needs to be saved. (Like public/impacts/05fall/images.)

screenshot of copying an asset

6. Choose sumbmit button.

Now you will be taken to the copied asset it its new location

7. Make sure the new/copied asset (index.php) is selected, and choose the "Edit" tab

8. Scroll down until you see the box of "Data" content

9. You will notice that there is a URL inside a couple of lines of code. The file you copied is programmed to redirect visitors to PSA's home page. You probably do not want your visitors to leave your site, so you will need to change that URL to whichever folder you would like the site visitor to go to. [-------add example of where to redirect to--------]

screenshot of editing an asset

10. Choose sumbmit button .

If the subfolder where you just placed this "index.php" file was previously published, you will need to republish the folder in order for changes to be applied.