Using Cascade's link asset

The link asset enables you to manually add content to your left navigation. You can include links to external websites or areas of your site that would not appear in the navigation as it is automatically built by Cascade.

1. Select the desired folder.

2. From the main navigation bar select "New", then the appropriate asset factory, and select the "Link" asset.  cascade server's link asset

The create tab will appear.

screenshot to create a link asset

3. Enter a Cascade-friendly system name for this link. [learn more]

4. Check the parent folder for correct placement.

5. Complete the Inline Metadata as you would for any web page.

6. In the Link field insert the entire URL where you would like to direct your visitor.

screenshot of link asset creation

Be sure to include the http:// and the domain extension (.com, .edu, etc) portions of the URL in this field.

7. Choose submit button and the link will appear in your left navigation.

This is NOT used to create links in the page's text area. Learn more about different links here.