Linking to something further down the page (Anchor links)

Anchor Links are used to help the user navigate through a long page of content. For this process you will use the anchor button in the WYSIWYG editor to generate a link destination and then you will use the Insert/Edit Link button to complete the process.

Navigate to the page you wish to edit and choose the Edit tab.

1. Put your curser to the left of the text (or image) below that you want to link to from the top of your page.
2. Then choose the "anchor" button anchor button in Cascade Server in the WYSIWYG editor.

cascade screenshot

3. In the pop-up window, give the anchor a descriptive name. This name will be in the URL so it should follow the same rules as "System Name".
[read more about System Names]

screen shot of a pop-up window in Cascade

Please note: if you will have more than one anchor on one page, you don't want to name them all "anchor"...the link from above will not know which one you want to link to.

4. Now, select the text that you want visitors to click on in order to move to this new anchor, then choose the link button

screenshot of making anchors

5. In the "Insert/Edit Link" pop-up window, type the new anchor's name in the "Anchor" field:

screenshot of making anchors

6. Make sure you complete the "Title" field and choose "Insert".

Now you have a link from the top of your page to somewhere below. In this sample below you will see that when a visitor clicks on "What is Cascade Server" they will be directed to portion of the page that has the answer.

screenshot of making anchors