Creating Links

This feature is used anywhere on your site where the visitor is called to action:download a document (PDF), view a larger (print-quality) image, reference another web pages, email an individual, or link to items further down the page (“anchors”). For any of the above, you will begin with steps 1-3.

1. Create a new page or select your page html page button image and click Edit in the action bar. (how to create a new html page)

2. In the text editor region of the page, highlight the word, words, or image you wish to become the hyperlink.

3. With the text/image highlighted, choose the insert link icon insert/edit link button from the WYSIWYG tool bar.

4. The "Insert/Edit Link" window will appear

If you are linking to an internal asset (a web page, image, a page anchor or file in Cascade’s folder structure) choose the “Internal” radio button. Use the browse option image of html page button to navigate to the desired asset in the asset tree.

screenshot to insert a link

If you are linking to an external web site or creating an e-mail link, choose the “External” radio button

screenshot to insert a link

  • type in the full URL you wish to link (i.e., or
  • set the email address by typing mailto: in the URL path

5. Target: Choose how the link will be loaded for the site visitor (in a new window or should it replace the web page they are on).

6. Give the link a “Title” (such as: send email to Person’s Name or Clemson University’s home page, etc.). The title will display in the yellow box that appears when a site visitor hovers over the link.

7. Please do not assign a “Class” to the link.

8. Click insert button in Cascade to insert the hyper link.

9. Choose “Submit” to save the changes to your web page