Creating a table

We do not recommend the haphazard use of tables. Please be sure that when you choose to insert a table in your web page, that it is necessary for your content alignment and organization (that a plain text option is not relevant).

1. Place the cursor in the WYSIWYG editor, so the cursor is visible where the table will be inserted and click the Insert Table icon from the WYSIWYG tool bar.

2. The insert/modify table pop-up window will appear.

3. Select the number of needed Rows and Columns.

4. Other table formatting options include the table’s Alignment, Border thickness, Cell Spacing, Cell Padding, and Column Width.

5. If you are generating a data table, be sure to check the box for inserting a table caption.

screenshot of table window

6. Choose the “Advanced” tab and complete the “Summary” field. This will provide the table metadata necessary for it to be ADA complaint

screenshot of table window

7. Choose insert button in Cascade

8. Type your content into your table.

9. Choose submit button to save your work.