Deleting an asset

Deleting an asset will create broken links on any asset linking to this one. Please be sure to revise any additional pages to reflect this one being removed.

1. Navigate to the desired asset (page, image, PDF, folder, etc.) by clicking on the System name in the asset tree so it is highlighted with a blue box.

2. Delete screenshotChoose the “More” tab from the action bar.

3. Choose "Delete".

4. Make sure that “Unpublish Content” is checked and that all 3 servers are selected (these are the servers that you will be unpublishing from).

5. Review the “Relationships” file and make sure that you are aware of (and have modied) any other asset that links to the asset you are about to delete.


screenshot of delete process

6. Leave all other fields and default setting and then Submit submit button the asset.

If this asset was live be mindful of any associated pages or folders that the deletion will effect. You will need to republish any folders or pages where this asset was displayed in left navigation. Also, edit and re-publish any pages that linked to the file you deleted (the pages on the server do not know that you made that change yet).

Read more about publishing in Cascade