Using the "auto index" asset

The following is a screenshot of the content region of a "left nav - auto index" asset. The text on the page is a list generated by the description tags of assets in the folder.

auto index preview

To generate a listed page such as this:

  1. Create a new folder to place all of your assets. These assets are most likely HTML pages. However, this could be a list of PDF's, in a situation where you would provide an entire book broken down by chapter, or images...etc.
  2. Create a new "left nav - auto index" asset. Be sure to give it the System Name "index" and place it in the folder you just created.
  3. Generate HTML pages (or upload assets) to be displayed in the list. It does not matter if the assets are 1-, 2- or 3- column HTML pages; PDFs, images, etc.
  4. Regardless of the asset, be sure that the Display Name has the full title you want presented in the index page & for the "Include in Left Navigation" option select "No":

include in laft navigation button

Choose submit button and the asset should appear in the content area of the index page, and will not appear in the left navigation. 

Note: you will not be able to add any introductory text to the content area. The only text on that page will be "To better narrow your search, please choose from the following selections:" followed by the list of links.