Inserting an image on your webpage

1. Create a new page or select your page (click on the System name in the asset treee so it is highlighted with a blue box) then click Edit in the action bar.

2. In the WYSIWYG editor, put the curser (click the left mouse button) in the place where you want the image to be placed.

3. Choose the Insert/Edit Image icon insert edit image from the tool bar (a popup window will appear).

4. In the pop-up window, make sure that the “Internal” radio button is selected.

5. Click on the browse button to find the image you want to insert (this will bring up another pop-up window).

6. Navigate to the image you have uploaded into Cascade.

7. Choose “Confirm” to select the image (this pop-up window will disappear).

insert edit image window

8. In the original pop-up window, assign alternate text to the image.

Alternate Text - This text is mandatory. You should type descriptive text here so that your page (image) is complaint with ADA section 508 standards.

9. Do NOT adjust the image height and width.

Width/Height- This will field will be overridden by the style sheet. You will need to format the photos web-appropriate dimensions using a photo editor prior to uploading them to Cascade.

10. Select the Advanced tab.

insert edit image window

11. Choose the image alignment.

12. Add border if desired.

13. Enter vertical and horizontal spacing around the image by placing an “8” in both the vertical and horizontal spacing boxes.

Alignment - This will align the image within the WYSIWYG editor.

Border Width - If you would like a border, enter 1 into this field.

Horizontal Padding - This gives the amount of space between the left and right sides of the content area and the image.

Vertical Padding - This gives the amount of space between the top and bottom sides of the content area and the image

14. Click insert button to complete the insertion of the image into the page.

15. Click submit button in the WYSIWYG editor, to save the inserted image in the page.

You can insert an image that is located in one of the website directories (in the left asset tree) or one that is on the computer’s hard drive. If the image file is on the computer’s hard drive, it must first be uploaded to a website directory before being inserted into a page. Inserting the image into a page is done using the WYSIWYG editor. 

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