Making a new page

1. Navigate to the new page’s destination (what folder do you want to put this page in?)

2. Select “New” from the navigation bar, then choose the correct Asset Factory, and then choose the desired template (Left Column, Biography, Three Column, Full Page, etc)

screenshot of new page process

3. Fill in the System Name and confirm the parent folder

4. Complete the Display Name and Title fields and choose “yes” or “no” for including this file in the left navigation (read more about naming conventions)

5. Header region: Choose the Department name (from the drop down menu) and the Banner Image (using the browse button )

screenshot of new page process

6. Fill in the Headline field with the page’s welcome title

7. Enter the desired text and images in the WYSIWYG editor portion of the page.

8. Choose submit button to save the new page

If there were no errors with your asset, Cascade will give you a green (successful creation) notice.