Previewing your site in a browser

Publish your site/page to the development server first
(read about how to publish to the developmenet server)

To see your new asset on the development any browser, use this URL followed by the appropriate system names of the Cascade folder structure:
[notice that there is no dot after www - the abbreviation dev immediately follows THEN the dots are before]

...after the “edu/” you enter the folder tree names you would like to review.

For example:

Since Cascade does not show the file extensions for HTML page, you will need to add ".html" at the end of the URL

* The crumb trail will not work when reviewing pages on the development server. Please be sure to us the browser’s back button to navigate backward as needed. The crumb trail is designed to point to the direct production server path. If you click on it you will either go to Clemson’s home page or get a “404 page not found” error.