Display name, title & system Name: What are these names for?

Display name

The display name is the name that appears in the left-hand navigation and in the crumb trail. When creating a display name, consider how the name will appear in the navigation and in the crumb trail. A long display name may cause text to wrap.


The title is the name that appears in the top of the browser window. The title is recorded when someone bookmarks your page AND the it plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Read more about the page title in SEO.

Rules for page titles:

  • do not use special characters
  • spaces and capital letters are acceptable
  • avoid pages titles such as "Welcome" and "Home"

System Name

The system name can be thought of as an asset's name within Cascade. System names are displayed in the asset tree and they determine a site's URL. System names also influence search engine optomization. 

System names cannot contain:

  • capital letters
  • spaces
  • special characters (!@!#$%^&*) in the name


To avoid having to rename uploaded files (.pdfs, .jpgs, etc...) once in Cascade, use the appropriate naming conventions on your computer (desktop, H drive, U drive, My Documents ...etc).

This way when you are ready to upload a new file into Cascade, the file's name is ok as-is and you can upload them without manually chaning each system name.

If you do change the System Name during upload, be sure to include the file format in the name.
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Be Careful...

Please review the contents in this link BEFORE you rename an asset's system name or move a file/folder.