Template Regions: PSA, CAFLS & Extension pages

[Regions are identified in the image below all text]

1. Clemson University Navigation Bar

Also known as the “Mini Masthead”, the top navigation bar links to Clemson University resources. This area is not editable.

2. Banner

This is the area that gives your site its own identity. The banner image includes the photo, black gradient bar over the photo, and wordmark. The white text over the image is selected from a drop-down menu by the individual editing/creating a Web page.

3. Crumb Trail

This area is a series of links that represents the folder structure leading to the page’s location in Cascade.  While these links are generated from the Cascade folder structure, which you generate, this area is not directly editable.

4. Global Navigation

This navigation provides access to the main content sections of your site and helps orient visitors. It is generated based on the assets in your folder structure. You have the ability to make an asset visible or not in this navigation.

5. Content

The width of this area varies based on the HTML asset you choose to create. This region is your opportunity to provide text, images, links, and other page content. You can edit this content in the WYSIWYG or HTML editor.

6. Secondary Navigation

These are links to related sites or parent sites (like PSA or CAFLS home page). These links are located below the global navigation on internal pages. They have a smaller type, are not bold, and include Adobe download links to assist you with ADA accessibility compliance. This area is not editable.

7. Your site’s footer

This area provides basic contact and university copyright information. This area is not editable.

template regions for PSA, CAFLS, and Extnension web pages