Upoading a file (image, PDF, .ppt, ...other)

upload a file screenshotBefore you upload a file (PDF, .doc, .ppt, .jpg, etc.)...

1. Navigate to the new file’s destination in your Asset Tree.

2. From the top navigation menu, select “New” > (the correct Asset Factory) > “File”.

3. Review the Parent Folder to confirm that you will place this newly uploaded file in the correct folder. If you need to choose a different folder:

      a. Drag and drop the image into the upload field OR

      b. Click Browse and navigate to and select the desired folder and choose "Confirm"

Since this file you are uploading from your computer has a Cascade-friendly System Name, you can leave the word “File” in the System Name field. Cascade will then apply the file name on your computer (my_photo.jpg) as the Cascade System Name. If you have not corrected the file’s name on your computer and you need to re-name it here, it is critical that you include the file extension in the name (.jpg, .pdf, .gif, ...).

4. Inline Meta Data content (Display name, Title, keywords, and Description) are important for images to be identified in a search. Treat these as you would for all other assets.

5. Include in Left Navigation: If this file is in a folder that is selected as “no”, then each new file in this folder will not be either, regardless of what you select here.

6. Data: Select the file to upload by clicking the Browse. Navigate to and select the file to upload.

7. Click submit button to save your new asset into your Asset Tree.