Using Cascade for ~userid web spaces

Cascade Server does not access the server that holds the accounts. You cannot use Cascade to update these pages.

If you choose to use Cascade to develop a website of a personal-professional nature, you can do so. However, the address will not be We recommend to departments or programs that these pages are built in a subfolder of "staff" or "faculty" inside your site architecture.  Please contact your webmaster to begin discussion on creating your new professional page using Cascade. If you do not know who your webmaster is, you are welcome to contact the PSA/CAFLS Web Team.

Points to remember...

  • You will not be able to develop an alternate ~userid site using Cascade until your department or program is using Cascade as well.
  • Please do not include personal information on cascade-built pages (i.e., vacation photos, family details, etc). Sites built in Cascade are available to the world to view and are not meant to hold such personal content. If you desire a site to display such content, please resume using your personal space provide by the university, or use an external web host.
  • If you prefer not to have your ~userid space listed, you can change the link provided in you profile on Clemson's Phonebook.

Additional information about ~userid websites

Your personal web space is NOT indexed by search engines. In order for someone to find your personal page, you must provide them with the URL (email, in print, or from Clemson's Phonebook link). So, when you use the location to disperse research reports & findings, host a program or club home page, or share alerts or public service announcements no one will ever find it unless you tell them exactly how to get there.

More information about Personal Spaces from CCIT: