The little yellow box that appears on mouse-over

Follow these steps to attach a TITLE attribute to your photo so that a description shows up in the yellow pop-up box on mouse-over.

1. Select/create the page to edit.

2. In the WYSIWYG editor insert the desired image.

3. Choose the HTML button in the WYSIWYG toolbar.

4. Review the code to locate the image you just created.

5. Within that code bracket “<” and “>” attach the title attribute by typing:


NOTE: There are no spaces between the first t in title and the last quotation mark. Replace the “______” with the text you wish to appear on mouse-over.


<img src=" thumb-ag.jpg" height=”82" width="60" alt="tractor in a field crop, photo by Tom Lollis" title=”tractor in a field crop, photo by Tom Lollis”>

6. Choose update button in the HTML window.

7. submit button the page to save your work.

Remember to republish when you edit a live page.

Title attribute for links

When generating links in Cascade, the insert/edit pop-up window for links prompts you to provide a Title for the new link. This is not a required field, so you will not be prompted to insert information if you leave it blank. However, inserting the title during the link process will ensure you do not have to add it later in the HTML.

In the event you'd like to add a title tag to a link using the HTML editor, here is an example:

<a href="development.html" title="Economic &amp; Community Development">

Read more about the correct use of ALT text and TITLE attributes (browser specifics, examples and terms):