Uploading multiple files at once

You have the access to import up to 100 MBs of assets into Cascade at once using the Zip Archive tool.

Please note, this is not a system that is built to be a storage facility for all of your digital assets. It is a content management system to publish on the web. Please do not threat this as an image or file database. The fact that you can upload multiple files it great – but once it is time to publish, these huge numbers of files can bog down the publishing process. Only upload the files into Cascade that you will be referencing in your web pages. Likewise, after an asset is no longer needed, please remove the active link, unpublish the asset and delete it from Cascade Server.

Now, follow these steps to move several images, PDFs, or other documents into Cascade at one time.

  1. Create a folder on your computer (in My Documents, Desktop, H drive, Share...etc).
  2. Save the files in that folder using Cascade-friendly file names and extensions (one_word.pdf, lower_case.jpg, no_special_characters.gif, etc).
  3. Zip/archive/compress that folder.

Now, in Cascade:

  1. Navigate to the root folder where you want this zipped file to be UNpacked (if you need to create a new folder at this point do so).
  2. In the top blue menu bar choose "File" > "Import" > "Zip Archive".
    screenshot of cascade server
  3. in the pop up window, "Browse" to the zipped file you just created.
  4. Make sure you have selected the correct "Parent Folder".
    cascade screenshot of archive pop up
  5. Choose "Submit"

The files will be unpacked into Cascade and available for you to use.


Microsoft’s how–to on creating zipped files:

Display, Title & System Name: What are these names for?