Sizing images for the page's layout boundaries

If your images are out of the layout boundaries, for example...

screen shot of web page 

...or if they're messing up the 2- and 3-column template layout inside the page's boundaries, your images are too big.

While Cascade's WYSIWYG editor allows you to resize the image in the editing window, those size changes are overridden by the style sheet. So, when your page is published, the original image size it pushed out to the web. 

In order to avoid crammed pages and images "falling off the page", you must format all pictures to the size you need them to be in the page. Review the demo pages for the correct dimensions of the editable regions:

Learn more about editing your images with the following resources: 

...additional resources for formatting images for web-friendly:

...and very important in working with images in Cascade Server:

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