Requesting new/different banners

Because the space allotted for banners is non-negotiable and in an effort to maintain consistency, all banners must be uniform. The logo/brand is at the banner’s left and the gray line at the bottom allows the department name to appear best regardless of the image colors.

If you would like additional images to chose from in your banners folder, you will need to send photos to the web team. When sending images that you wish to become banners for your department, please note the following:

You will notice that only a very small horizontal portion of the image is placed in the banner. Banners for PSA, Extension and CAFLS web sites are 962 x 135 px. at 96 dpi.

Please provide images that are high resolution (print quality, not thumbnails). The original image does not need to be landscape oriented...only offer a good image in a narrow horizontal “slice”. Images from a distance work better than those that zoom in on the subject matter.

Submit your images for banners to the web team: COUNTYWEB-L@CLEMSON.EDU

gator near the water

gator near the water