Tightening up line spacing with a "soft return"

There is additional “leading” after each paragraph on purpose (it is easier on the eye when reading on a computer screen). When you hit the "enter" (or "return") key and force a new paragraph...it will automatically add more space than normal text wrap. This is a "hard return".

To force the next line directly underneath the previous one with less space, hit “shift” + “enter”. This is a "soft return".

NOTE: When you do this, the WYSIWYG editor “thinks” that your are continuing the same thought holding the same importance. Some places where you may see strange behaviors:

Bulleted/Numbered lists

Continue to make hard returns after each item in a bulleted/numbered list. When you apply bullets/numbered list, the spacing changes to soft return look and each bullet is seen as separate from the next.

  • orange
  • banana
  • lemon
  • strawberry

If you put a soft return between bullets, it will indent the second line, but not give it a bullet.

  • orange   [soft return here]
  • lemon   [soft return here]

Paragraph indents

The paragraph indent button indent paragraph button applies to an entire paragraph (from hard return to hard return). If there are soft returns between hard returns, the text within the soft returns may indent also.

This can provide you with additional layout options where you may want your text to have this characteristic, but if not, replace the soft return with a hard return. 


There may be other areas where soft returns "mess up" your formatting. If you notice strange alignment or characteristics, check to be sure you did (or did not) use a soft return.