Inserting a horizontal "rule" (or line)

Put your cursor in the text where you would like the horizontal line to appear.

Choose the Horizontal Rule button (horizontal rule icon)from the WYSIWYG editor tool bar.

In the pop-up window, define the width if the line. It is best practice to define the line's width as “100%” and not use pixels. To do so:

  1. type "100" in the Width area
  2. choose "%" from the drop-down at right
  3. choose "insert"

screenshot of horizontal rule pop-up  

This way, the rule (line) width will adjust depending on the content area. If you use a set pixel width and make it too big for the column, it will poke out of the window’s frame or it will bump everything around. Stick to percentages as much as possible.

For content area widths check out: