Removing a link from the left navigation

For every asset you have (a folder, page, pdf, jpg, ...) you can choose if you want that asset's Display Name to appear in the left navigation - thus making it available to the public. Some files should not be in the navigation, items like images, PDFs, and works in progress. Below are some organizational tips and more about the option to "Include in left navigation?".

"Include in Left navigation?"

By default, new assets (pages, folders and files) will always be displayed in the folder's left navigation - this is how the navigation is created. Here are some reasons why an asset should NOT be in the left navigation:

  • when working on pages that are not ready to publish
  • if the asset is a photo or file that is supplemental to the page's content
  • when using the "Left Nav - Auto Index" template.
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How do I hide my file/folder from the navigation?

  1. Either upon creation or in the Edit mode...
  2. Choose the asset you wish to remove from the navigation
  3. in the "Inline Metadata field" at the top of the main viewing area, choose the radio button for "No" that follows "Include in left Navigation?"
    cascade screenshot: include in left navigation
  4. Continue editing the page as desired
  5. Choose cascade screenshot: sublit button to save the changes

Important publishing information: If this is a published page that was previously displayed in the navigation, then it is likely that its Display Name was a link on other pages as well. Once you have "hidden" this asset and saved will need to republish it and all pages that reference this one.

Organizational tips

When building a website it is good practice to have visual descriptors (images) of who you are, what you do and why people should care. Since an entire website will likely have namy images, it is good practice to organize your photos into one folder. In this case, when creating a new sub-folder for the images, be sure that the entire folder is marked as "No" for "Include in Left navigation?". Now, since the folder is set to not include in navigation, then it's contents will not either.

The same should be applied to download files. Create a sub-folder called "downloads" and place all pdfs in there.
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