Change the order of left navigation links

The left navigation is built from the folder/file structure is Cascade and is ordered as assets are built. There are three ways to arrange your navigation to your preference.

Rearrange the assets you have already built.

If you have already built folders and files...and now need to put them in a different order, there are 2 options for rearranging the asset order:

  1. In either case, choose the folder containing the assets you need to re-order
  2. In the "view" mode, select the "Order" tab. This will present the assets in navigaiton order, not ABC order.
    Cascade asset

1. Drag and Drop method:

  1. place your mouse in the "white space" between the name and order # of the asset you intend too reorder. You will see a down arrow icon appear.

  2. ...left-click and hold, then drag the asset to the position you prefer. You can repeat this move as many times as desired and for as many assets as needed.
    screenshot of folder order


2. Up-one, Down-one option:

 Notice the asset's "Order" and choose to move the file(s) up move asset up one space or down move asset down one space using the "Actions" buttons.

Cascade asset

Tip: This can be a slow process. To speed it up...determine the order you prefer then move all files to the top move asset to top in reverse order. This will resemble "stacking" the files so that the last one placed will be at the top of the list.

Remember...reordering your assets will not change the file structure display, items will continue to be listed in ABC order.

Build assets in the order you want them listed in your navigation.

Each time you save a new asset, it will be listed alphabetically in your folder structure but will display in your navigation as most recent underneath the previous one. If you have established your site architecture prior to building your site in Cascade (recommended)...simply build you assets in order. Once you've built all of your assets, the first one you built will be at the top of the navigation list, and the last one you built will be on the bottom.

Exception: This does not apply to folders/files that are not to be indexed in the navigation. Since they will not show up anyway, it doesn't matter where they fall in the folder/file structure.