Organizing images and downloadable documents

The asset tree at the left of your Cascade screen can easily get unorganized and congested if your files are not consolidated. The ideal approach would be to place a folder at your site's "root" to house files and documents.


  • about_us (web page)
  • index (web page)
  • contact_us (web page)
  • files (folder to hold images and files)

Additional folder naming options may be:

  • "images" (to hold only the images you use in Cascade)
  • "downloads" or "documents" (to hold only files that site visitors will be downloading from your site: like applications, CVs, factsheets, ...)

The screen-shot below is the Cascade organization of CAFLS's FNPS faculty and staff page.

  administrators folder structure 

IMPORTANT: When you upload a new file (pdf, image....) at the root of your website's folder, please make sure that you choose “no” for “include in left navigation”.

include in left navigation