What do I do when I'm getting browser errors in Cascade?

There are many features in Cascade that either do not work or do not work well and will send you errors depending on your browser and settings.

Here are a few reminders specific to browsers when using Cascade server:

1. Cascade performs best with:

  • Internet Explorer 7.x or higher on Windows
  • Firefox 2.0+ on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux (Download Firefox)
  • Safari 3.x or higher on Mac OS X
  • Chrome 1.x or higher
  • Display system capable of 1024 X 768 resolution
  • Network connection
2. Turn off pop-up blocker

Inserting links, photos, tables and other features in the WYSIWYG editor requires a new window to pop up. If your pop-up blocker is enabled, you may or may not get an error message. It could be the case that you never even see the new window pop up.