Publishing an active Web site/page

When an asset (a page, folder...) is built in Cascade Server and then is submitted successfully, it is NOT pushed to the internet yet. In order for your new asset to be visible to others, you need to publish. This is the process for publishing a file to the live server.

If you have only made edits on one or 2 pages you do not need to publish your whole website, only the pages you edited. 

If you have modified several pages, added images or PDF files: You should probably publish the entire site so that you don't omit publishing any asset you created.

1. Choose the folder, file or page you edited.

2. Click on the "Publish" tab.

3. You should submit the default settings. But to be sure:

  • check to see that all three servers are selected (these are production, development, and a backup)
  • Cascade will give you a green (successful publish) notice if the "Publish Report" box is checked
  • and you are "Publishing" this folder...NOT UNPUBLISHING it!

NOTE: if you have added images or attached files to a page, you need to publish those items as well. Publish the web page (blue icon) and the file(s) that you added to that page (red/orange icon)

Publishing an active Web site/page