Publishing to the development server

When you generate new assets (pages) for your site, it is a good idea for you to publish them to a development server before making them live. The development server is a place for you to share the site (and pages) with others before making the pages public.

First, choose the asset (page or folder) you wish to publish to the development server.

1. Choose the "Publish" tab

2. By default, all three server destinations will be checked

3. Un-check "Clemson/HTL/Production Backup" and "Clemson/HTL/Production Server" (this will ensure that the asset is published only to the development server.

4. Choose "Submit" 

screen shot of cascade server's admin

To see your new asset on the development any browser,
use this URL followed by the appropriate system names of the Cascade folder structure:

...after the "edu/" you enter the folder tree names. For example: