WARNING: Unpublish asset when renamed or moved to another folder

Please read the following BEFORE you delete, rename or move an asset (web page, image, PDF, folder, etc).

When you "submit" an asset, in essence you have saved it to Cascade Server's system. At this time, you have not made that asset visible to the public, because you have not "published" the asset yet. So, until you publish an asset, you can make as many changes as you need to the folder structure, asset location, or system name of an asset.

Once you publish an asset, it is pushed out to the web server and visible to the general public.

If you move a published file; for example a page named "resources"

from this file path: public/web/resources.html
...to this file path: public/web/cascade/resources.html

and publish "resources" again, the old assets remain on the web server and do not get unpublished. In this case, both URLs will be active and available for the public. This means that you will have outdated or incorrect information on the web site.  

In order to match the published environment on the web with what's in Cascade Server, unpublish the asset before you change the system name or the asset location. Learn how to unpublish here >

Because these types of changes will create broken links until you republish your content, we encourage you to do these changes during a time frame when people do not visit your site.

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