Publishing queue

Remember, we all share a publishing queue. So when you send an asset to the publisher, please be patient to see results in the live website.

There are 2 ways to view the publishing queue:

1. navigate to publishing queue

Go to the blue navigation bar in Cascade

Choose the Cascade logo at the far left In the drop-down, choose "Publisher" then "Active Jobs"

screenshot of cascade server

This will take you to the Publishing queue view

2. automatically view publishing queue

When you change your user preferences, you will automatically be directed to the publishing queue each time you publish. To edit your user preferences:

Click on "My Settings" in the top right corner of the Cascade screen

screenshot of Cascade server

In your User Preferences screen, be sure that "after publishing assets go to publish status page" is checked then "Submit" the page to apply these edits.

Cascade server screenshot 

The next time you publish an asset, you will automatically be directed to the Publishing queue.