Formatting images for web pages

Photos and illustrations should be prepared in a Web-friendly format. There are distinct requirements and general best-practices for incorporating images into Web development.

File Size

Two attributes make up an image’s size: the dimensions (e.g., 100px X 25px) and resolution (e.g., 96 pixels/inch or 300 pixels/inch) of the image. Any combination of the two affects the image size.  Read more >>

File Format

There are various file formats in which images can be created and/or manipulated in PhotoShop or other image editing software. Below are a few of the more commonly recognized file formats, with explanation of when and why each is best used. For full explanations, please refer to the manual of your photo editing software. Read more >>

Color Mode 

Since Web sites are displayed on a computer monitor, projector or television screen; the color comes across to the viewer using only 3 colors: red, green & blue.  Read more >>