Webmaster Tools

There are many tools that provide you with a free and easy way to make your site better. Here are some examples ...

Accessibility and Quality

  • WebXACT
    Free online service that lets you test single pages of web content for quality, accessibility, and privacy issues.
  • UITest.com
    Free online tool directory for accessibility, linking, load time, seo, and validation.
  • Cynthia Says
    Web content accessibility validation solution. It is designed to identify errors in your content related to Section 508 standards and/or the WCAG guidelines.


  • Link Valet
    When you enter the URL of an HTML page on the Web, it will fetch the page, and print a report on it.
  • W3 Link Checker
    The W3 link checker reads an HTML or XHTML document and extracts a list of anchors and links.