UserID sharing is not permitted

The PSA/CAFLS Web Team supports the University standards against sharing Clemson-issued UserIDs and passwords. Please review the excerpts from CCIT's policy pages and the related links.

UserID and Password Policy

Disciplinary Sanctions (excerpt)

"All activity done from a university UserID is the responsibility of the individual to whom the account is assigned.  All activity done from a university computer is the responsibility of the person logged onto that computer. The university will impose disciplinary sanctions on students/employees who violate the above policy. The severity of the imposed sanctions will be appropriate to the violation and/or any prior discipline issued to that student/employee."

"All suspected violations of this policy will be investigated by the Office of Information Security and Privacy. In certain situations other university, state, or federal representatives might be included in those investigations."

Acceptable Use Policy For Employees

General Guidelines (excerpt)

"All employees will safeguard their computer userids and passwords. No employee will allow unauthorized persons access to University data or computing or network resources by sharing their userid and password. Employees should reference CCIT documentation on selecting strong passwords. Departmental serve"rs will use CCIT provided security for access to sensitive data or applications. No server will store userids and passwords on the server."

Executive Summary (excerpt)

"Any violation of this policy will result in corresponding disciplinary action by the university. Employees suspected to be in violation of this policy will be reported to the appropriate investigative unit, including but not limited to the Office of Human Resources or the University Police Department."