Project Directors

Dr. Greg Yarrow (primary contact)

Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Clemson University
(864) 656-7370
Dr. Yarrow has teaching, research and outreach responsibilities in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources in wildlife ecology and conservation focusing on integrated land management for wildlife, biodiversity in managed systems, and mitigation of human-wildlife conflicts. He is author of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Program publications Enhancing Wildlife Habitats through Sustainable Forest Management and Biological Diversity and Wildlife Habitat Considerations in Managed Forests, as well as the book Managing Wildlife.

Greg Yarrow

Dr. Rickie Davis

Wildlife Biologist, Clemson University
(864) 656-0179
Dr. Davis teaches wildlife techniques in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and is responsible for educational outreach efforts on the university’s experimental forest.

Rickie Davis

Mr. Knight Cox

Forest Manager, Clemson University
(864) 656-4833
Mr. Cox directs the management of the Clemson University Experimental Forest (CEF) and forest lands on Clemson Research and Education Centers throughout South Carolina.

Knight Cox Photo