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2016 Clemson University Research Symposium: Building a Transdisciplinary Culture of Research

2017 Clemson University Research Symposium: Moving ClemsonForward Through Research

Wednesday — May 10, 2017, Watt Family Innovation Center

This event provides a platform for faculty from all colleges to tell their stories and find colleagues who may share similar or complementary interests. Often, potential collaborators are working just down the hall or in another building on campus, yet their common interests remain undiscovered. This is the venue to make those connections. Parallel sessions based on interest will facilitate interactions. Click here to view event program.

Research Symposium Planning Committee

Committee Chair: Joseph Culin, Associate Dean for Research, College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences
Ken Marcus, Professor, Analytical Chemistry
Cheryl Dye, Professor Public Health Sciences
Brian Powell, Professor, Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Dolores Stegelin, Professor, Teaching and Learning
Fred Switzer, Professor, Psychology
Amod Ogale, Professor, Chemical Engineering
James Spencer, Associate Dean for Research, College of Arts, Architecture, and Humanities

The Call for Abstracts is now open.

There are no formal registration processes or fees: faculty and staff are invited to come for as much of the day as their schedule allows. We look forward to seeing you at the symposium!

Call for Abstracts

Questions: Joe Culin, Penny Reid