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Advising Information

All Chemistry major must contact their Chemistry faculty advisor in order to be cleared in iROAR to register.

How do I find my advisor?

Your advisor is listed in iROAR in the Student Portal. Click on Student Records, and then proceed to the right column and you will see a link to “View Student Information.” Clicking on this link will provide the name of your primary advisor. Make sure you are looking in the upcoming semester in iROAR.

Please confirm your advisor in iROAR before contacting a faculty advisor, as some students with a different curriculum path may not follow this general outline of class advisors. If you have any questions about your advisor, please see the Undergraduate Student Coordinator in 219 Hunter.

What should I bring to my advising appointment?

Students need to be prepared to discuss the following at their advising appointment:

      • Current Standing in all classes
      • A list of courses to take in the upcoming semester
      • An inventory of completed General Education requirements and requirements still left to fulfill

What documents will be helpful in preparing for my advising appointment?

Almost all University forms require the signature of an academic advisor, and your pre-Registration meeting is a great time to handle any and all academic business.

For taking courses at another institution, utilize this other institution course form (PDF).

For substituting a Clemson course or transfer course, utilize this substitution form (PDF).

For changing your major or declaring a minor, utilize this major change form (PDF).

It is also highly recommended that you bring a copy of your DegreeWorks Report to your advising appointment. You can access DegreeWorks through iROAR. If you believe you see an error on your DPR, please consult with your academic advisor sooner rather than later. Not all errors can be fixed in a student's last semester.


    1. Log into iROAR with your Clemson University username and password.
    2. Proceed to iROAR.
    3. Click the Student Tab.
    4. Click the Student REcords Tab.
    5. In the middle column, DegreeWorks is the last link. 
    6. You will be taken to a new page in your browser.
    7. You can save your DPR as a PDF and email it to your advisor or print it.