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Majoring in Chemistry

student on benchThe Chemistry Department at Clemson is one of the largest on campus and provides outstanding education for our undergraduate majors. The department also serves the entire campus by providing general chemistry education courses for a variety of other science and engineering disciplines.

Undergraduates can pursue two courses of study in chemistry, either a Bachelor of Arts degree or Bachelor of Science degree as preparation for careers that include chemical manufacturing, electronics, textiles, biotechnology, petroleum, plastics, agriculture and food industries, and graduate study in chemistry.

Opportunities abound for our graduates who have enjoyed very successful careers and made significant contributions in South Carolina and throughout the United States.

Undergraduate majors are encouraged to join the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) which is the chemistry club on campus.

The university Undergraduate Announcements can provide students and prospective students with general information about such topics as the academic calendar, financial aid, admission procedures, regulations and more.

If you would like to schedule a Department of Chemistry Prospective Undergraduate Student Tour.